Moose, That’s What Speed Do, or Frenchy

by joelcollins2

Jeff Francoeur

Jeff Francoeur (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Royals Lineup mistakes:

The Kansas City Royals’ pitching has the entire baseball world jaw-dropped.  But despite their repeated incredible outings from everyone they put on the hill, Royals hitting remains below average at best.  Although I think nitpicking and complaining at this point is silly, considering that in past seasons, being above five-hundred would be a pipe-dream.  Nevertheless, hitting is a part of the game.  For the most part, Royals manager Ned Yost has refrained from making long term changes to the lineup.  However, with some batters slumping, it brings a few questions regarding the order.  Mike Moustakas is batting under two-hundred, yet he is still batting seventh in the lineup.  Jeff Francoeur remains in the order despite grounding into a double-play every time you turn your head.  Jarrod Dyson’s name is rarely in the lineup even with his blazing speed in the field and on the base path.  This begs the question, will Yost make a move?

With Mike Moustakas’ pitiful amount of runs batted in and underachieving three home-runs, he still remains seventh in the lineup for the Royals.  Could Ned Yost make a change?  He could, but he could have a long time ago considering the slow start from Kansas City’s third baseman.  Moustakas, despite having an awesome nickname (Moose), has contributed very little offensively.  Yost might be right about leaving his underachieving young star in the order, after all, he’s not going to get his mojo back sitting on the bench.

Jeff Francoeur, or Fenchy, may be the most unlucky hitter in all of baseball.  While most batters hit the ball on ground and still occasionally get on base either because of a fielding error or because the ball gets through a hole in the defense, Francoeur seems to always hit the ball straight at the fielders…every time.  With all of that said, he still has a batting average of .234, so his balls do get to the outfield every once and a while.  Frenchy might want to think about stepping up his game with Jarrod Dyson eyeing his position.

Nothing is more mind boggling than Jarrod Dyson riding the pine on a regular basis.  Despite his little playing time, Dyson has stolen five bases and has a slugging percentage of .458, fourth highest on the team.  Ned might want to think about putting his “Speedy Gonzalez” into the lineup a little more often.

Although the lineup could use some work, complaining about the team’s performance would be ridiculous.  The Royals are above five-hundred, but with a tough schedule coming their way, they are going to need all the bats they can find.  The Alex Gordon move to third proved effective, do not be surprised if Yost makes more changes.