Royals’ Collapse

by joelcollins2

Kansas City Royals at Baltimore Orioles May 25...

Kansas City Royals at Baltimore Orioles May 25, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Kansas City slump is no surprise to a long time Royals fan like myself.  Season after season we have seen great April baseball followed up by an epic flop.  This 2013 Royals team is in danger of following suit.  After only pulling off one game against the Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City was swept by the New York Yankees in a three game series.  The Royals have now lost six of their last seven games.  Despite quality pitching from Ervin Santana and James Shields, only six earned runs allowed between the both of them, the Royals were unable to win even one game in KC against the Yanks.  Ned Yost said after the game that “an MLB season is one of ups and downs, we have to be able to weather the downs.”  That is precisely what Kansas City has been unable to do in past seasons.  We will see just how mentally tough this Royals team is.

Royals’ manager Ned Yost did his best to change up the lineup from game to game allowing center fielder Jarrod Dyson some playing time as well as Elliot Johnson.  The bench players did not play poorly, however, it was the core players that pulled up lame for Kansas City this past week.  Alcides Escobar, Salvidor Perez,  and Billy Butler have been completely noneffective at the plate throughout the last seven games, particularly this past weekend.  This explains the Royals’ struggles in their entirety.  Without the help from their most needed bats, Kansas City is all but sunk.  While the Royals were in first place in the AL Central, Billy Butler hit three of his four homers, Perez was sending the ball to the opposite field like a seasoned vet, and Escobar was hitting over .300.  It is clear that without these core players playing to their full potential, playoffs are looking doubtful for a sinking Kansas City squad.  If these players pull it together, I give them a decent chance of winning the division.  If they do not, I give them a good chance of finishing last in their division.

There is however, one Royals’ hitter that has been solid all year.  I am talking about the legitimate MVP candidate, Alex Gordon.  He has not ceased his hard hitting this past week including another RBI in their last loss to New York.  Gordon is batting .313 with twenty-seven runs batted in and a slugging percentage of .514.  Alex is a for sure All-Star, and with constancy like his, the future is bright for the Royals’ outfielder.  Even Babe Ruth could not will his team to the playoffs without help.  Kansas City is going to need some behind the scenes players to step it up going forward.

There is no excuse for a team this talented to suffer six defeats in seven games.  However, Yost added in the post-game, “We have to stay positive and we have to keep working.  And we can very easily go on the road and turn it around.”  The Royals are confident sending there loss-less pitcher, Jeremy Guthrie, to the bump tomorrow night against the Los Angeles Angels in their yard.  Ned Yost is extremely confidant in his young group.  We will see how they weather this early storm.