Royals’ Bats Began to Heat Up

by joelcollins2

Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Kansas City Royals, with the exception of Alex Gordon, have had a roller coaster season at the dish. The Royals have been consistently inconsistent all year at the plate, but with recent lineup changes, they seem to finally be making progress in the batter’s box. Inserting Jarrod Dyson and Eliot Johnson proved effective as the Royals defeated the Angels 9-5 Wednesday night that included a seven run third inning. Patience at the plate also helped the hitters find the right pitch or take walks.

The 2013 Royals are nearing a milestone that has not been achieved in a decade.  The Royals have not completed the month of June above .500 in ten years.  Although having a bevy of great starts during that time period, they always seemed to collapse as the season got old.  One thing is for certain, this Royals team is better than all of the teams that came before it in the last ten years.  Without a doubt, the pitching is better across the board.  Starters and relievers are dealing much stronger.  Royals’ base running has been awful in past seasons, however, this year, they are running aggressively on the base path and not being thrown out.  But, will the Royals’ hitting stand the test of time?  Although beating up the slumping Los Angeles Angels’ pitchers last series, only time will tell whether Kansas City will continue to hit consistently.

The recent injury to center fielder Jarrod Dyson might slow the Royals’ hitting down.  Dyson had been give them good time, playing in eight of the past nine games.  The center fielder sprained his right ankle attempting to rob Mike Trout of a home run.  Dyson came nowhere close to catching the ball and has been moved to the 15-day disabled list.  David Lough has been brought up from Triple-A to replace Jarrod Dyson.  We’ll see how he fares on the next level.  Lough played briefly in the majors last season for the Royals, hitting .237 in twenty games.  He is batting .340 in the minors with three triples and three home runs.

Even with the loss of Jarrod Dyson, I expect the Royals to continue their hot hitting going into tonight’s game against the Oakland Athletics.  With Alex Gordon continuously pounding the ball and Billy Butler beginning to improve his consistency, I am optimistic about this series with the A’s.  As the Kansas City players have been saying all year, they are confident in any pitcher they put on the hill.  But, you have to be confident when your ace, James Shields, is pitching.