KU Falls in Big XII Baseball Tournament 7-2

by joelcollins2

The Kansas Jayhawks fell to the Oklahoma Sooners 7-2 in the Big XII tournament championship on Sunday.  This was somewhat of a surprise considering the up and down season that the Jayhawks have experienced, not that KU lost to the Sooners, but that they made it to the championship at all!  The Jayhawks had lost their previous six games leading up to the tournament (three to Utah and four to Kansas State).

Although Kansas will not have a chance in the post season, their solid tournament performance left a good taste in everyone’s mouth.  The Jayhawks were not rewarded a bid into the 2013 NCAA Tournament; a bid that they would have obtained automatically if they would have pulled off the win on Sunday.  “I thought we did everything we could possibly do without winning today and earning an automatic berth,” Kansas’ coach Ritch Price said.  “You could make a really good case for us.  We walk in here, we win three games.  We beat Oklahoma State three out of four.  If you add up all the league records we have a better league record than they do, too, in conference.”

“At the same time it’s what you’ve done over the course of the entire season, as well. The thought that is hard for me is … if we only get three teams in the tournament out of this conference that is a really hard concept for me. The parity in this league is unbelievable.”

“One of the keys for us to be successful is not to get down 5-1,” Price said. “When we get that far behind, it is going to be hard for us to come back.”

“I thought the key to the game was their defense to be honest with you guys,” Price said. “We hit four or five balls right on the button. We were down 5-2 with runners at second and third and hit a line drive back to the box that the pitcher snared. That was the biggest play of the game. It would have been 5-4 and we would have still had a chance.”

“I definitely felt like we were in it the whole way,” Kansas left fielder Michael Suiter added. “That last inning kind of blew up on us a little bit. But I thought we had a great shot. Our team chemistry was really great coming off our sweep from Utah and we bounced back and had some good team wins.”

The KU run came to an end a game short of achieving a post-season bid.  Although having a strong tournament performance, the Kansas Jayhawks’ inconsistency during the season ultimately did them in.  The Sooners added two insurance runs in the ninth to seal the deal.