Could Ozzie Guillén Be Heading to the Royals?

by joelcollins2

Ozzie Guillén managed the White Sox from 2004 ...

Ozzie Guillén managed the White Sox from 2004 to 2011, after playing for the team from 1985 to 1997. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Royals’ manager, Ned Yost, has been under major scrutiny for a heavy downfall during the month of May.  The Royals have now lost seven straight games including being swept by the Los Angeles Angels in four games.  Kansas City has not obtained a strong amount of luck in the past four weeks with a bevy of one-run-losses. They have yet to hit well this month contributing to the losing streak.

Let’s just be blunt, the Royals have been no short of a disaster during this stretch.  But is this due to not having enough super-power on the squad?  Or not having a quality pitching rotation?  Nonsense.  The Kansas City Royals increased their payroll before the season bringing in new faces like James Shields, Ervin Santana and even veterans like Miguel Tejada.  With stars like this on the team, there is no excuse for a long slide such as this.  Many fans and critics are looking for a change in management to fix the problem for the Royals.

So what are the options for the Royals if they decide to move away from Yost?  The options are in no way limited, but I believe Ozzie Guillén to be the logical choice if the Royals make a change.  Although Ozzie is most known for his immense controversy, he won the World Series as coach of the Florida Marlins (now the Miami Marlins) in 2003.  In 2005, Guillén became the first Latino manager to win the World Series.  Ozzie has a track record of success.  Success that the Royals have been void of for the past twenty years.

With managers like Guillén in the market for a job, Ned Yost better step it up and begin to win soon.  I don’t want to see anyone get fired, but if you cannot win in this league, you won’t be employed for long.